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Saturday, 25 June 2011
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Hi ! http://facemot.blogspot.com/ just a quick introduction before i start blogging ,SO EXCITED! For those of you who don't know who i am then this coupon is for you

hehe don't worry honey bunnies it's never too late go use your mouse and click on the love songs button . N.O.W before it's too late.  Okay I'm Jeannette Lim , 18 though people say i look like i just got hitched and gave birth . <-- damn you. I'm currently being a 1/2 lazying my fat arse at home 1/4 part time working here and there 1/4 shopping while waiting to go to foundation year in Australia . Interesting fact yet not so interesting faact about me i pierced my tongue twice , i perced my tragus twice , i dyed my hair twice but sadly i never like to repeat my sentence twice. Also i have many many amazing people around me and i'll be mentioning them alot in my blog for example ,britney spears , justin bieber . LOL like my puppy Magic who is 12 years old : 12 x 7 = you do the math. Yup that's kinda sums it up anything you can always tweet me or email me. I'll try to make this blog  as interesting as possible .

 love you guys ❤x10

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