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Monday, 27 June 2011
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Thought about what to do with this blog. I read through most of the website , they've practically done everything. So i've decided the crazy awesome blogging can wait 2 months when i'm in Australia i'm sure it'll be more interesting to read a blog from a Singaporean not in Singapore .And i kinda got the idea from my mother when she said i had to do something useful before i leave and the last sentence was :"Did you gain weight go to the gym or smth " ain't she such a motivator. zzz . so what am i gonna do this 2 months? make a wild guess ? it has something to do with the picture below

haha yea no .
YESSSS this is true!!
 i'm gonna try all kinds of crazy diets or exercise just to see if they work. My target would be to try to lose 30 pounds by 27 August. which gives me 62 days. I'll try different techniques and update you guys with pictures of course , also at the end of 62 days i'll give you a before and after picture just so that you can laugh at my fatness and try out the strategies as well. So you must must must absolutely read my blog if you have a tinnie tiny hope to lose weight .  And my very first tip of the day



p/s some of the things i do might be to the extreme if you're uncomfortable with it or what DONT DO IT LA . Not for children under 18 if you want check with your parents they are likely to say no so yea don't do it if you're a small baby.

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